BIOSWING Therapy systems

MicroSwing – the BIOSWING measurement system

The software and hardware of the MicroSwing® measurement system form a highly sensitive measuring unit for the BIOSWING Posturomed®. The unit allows accelerations of the BIOSWING Posturomed® therapy platform to be measured, recorded, assessed and even exported to other EDP systems. The measurement programme includes accessible measurement and feedback programmes and scientifically evaluated standardised test procedures for indirect quantitative and qualitative assessment of motor skills of people involved in prevention, rehabilitation, therapy and recreational and competitive sports. MicroSwing® combines the knowledge gained from 20 years of research and practical application.

The software

The software is straightforward with a logical structure. It can thus be navigated by the user intuitively – the widespread acceptance in day-to-day clinical practice is testimony to this. Selection menus allow different parameters to be combined as desired – adjusted to suit your patients. The simple function for exporting the saved data to external EDP systems (GDT interface, e.g. for connection to POLYCONNECT) enables further data processing in all standard statistics programs. Furthermore, real-time depiction allows feedback-controlled training, in particular in work with the rehab and sitting modules of the BIOSWING Posturomed®.

The measurement processes

The first process involves 2D measurement as an open measurement program for implementing your own measuring methods. This program allows you to specify the number of measurements, the measuring period, the rest periods and other parameters.

Secondly, the PosturoKybernetikTest (PKT) provides a standardised, automated and scientifically evaluated measurement process for simple, indirect assessment of the stability skills of your patients. Data can be exported to the POLYCONNECT software quickly and easily.

The feedback training

The feedback training with MicroSwing enables training on the BIOSWING Posturomed® with simultaneous visual feedback. In this case, the patient has to make the therapy platform swing in a particular direction with a specified type and number of swings, rather than stopping the therapy platform from moving and keeping it still. The graphic representations can be used to track and check the quality and quantity of the training in real time. The MicroSwing feedback training is particularly suitable for work with the Posturomed rehab module, but also for the sitting and OSG modules.

The measurement results

Measurements are provided in graphic and numerical form to enable you to assess the findings. For the numerical assessment, you are given a stability percentage which has been processed mathematically, and unprocessed and raw data for export to other formats.

In addition to the assessments of the individual measurements, chronological progress documentation including a pain curve gives you an overview of your patients’ therapy progress.

All data and measurements can be printed out for you and your patients, and the PosturoKybernetikTest (PKT) results are available for simple export to the POLYCONNECT software.

The hardware

This essentially consists of the wired MicroSwing® acceleration sensor with holder and the MicroSwing® measuring box incl. cable with USB connector.

In addition, there are accessories that facilitate standardised execution of the measurement procedure.

The sensor

A wired acceleration sensor with a sampling rate of 50 Hz and a resolution of 14 bits (16384). It weighs 60 grams and has a 330 cm long cable with a jack plug for connection to the MicroSwing® measuring box.

The sensor holder

For simple and secure fastening of the MicroSwing® acceleration sensor under the BIOSWING Posturomed®. Made of milled aluminium with clamping screw.

Device connection: Posturomed 202 and compact.

The measuring box

Used to convert analogue signals from the sensor to digital signals sent to your PC with the MicroSwing® software.

The measuring box includes the MicroSwing® measurement licence and has four sensor connections, two external outputs and two external inputs. A 950 mm USB cable is enclosed with the measuring box.

The step mat

The step mat is used for the standardised performance of all measurement procedures that start with the patient positioned in front of the Posturomed, in particular in the PosturoKybernetikTest (PKT). This makes it possible to perform a standardised stride length on the BIOSWING Posturomed®, adjusted to suit the body height.

Device connection: Posturomed 202 (wide mat) and compact (narrow mat).

The titubation grid

The titubation grid supports you in therapy by helping you to clinically assess fluctuations and asymmetries of the body or body parts of your patients better and more reliably. Also perfect for photo documentation and in connection with the measurement procedure for reproducible view fixing.

Cable protection

This offers optimum protection for the sensor cable, which is normally routed along the floor. The elastic and tough cable protection is one metre long, black and can be trimmed to length at any time.

Our user manual

For more in-depth information on the MicroSwing® 6, the technical data, installation, software and hardware, the measurement procedure and how data is evaluated along with the export of results.


The BIOSWING® MicroSwing® measuring system is a Class I medicinal device in Europe – for your safety and that of your patients.

Dr Klaus Weiß, research assistant at the University of Heidelberg, teaching and research in movement therapy in the areas of prevention and rehabilitation.

“The MicroSwing measurement system makes it possible for me to evaluate dynamic standing stability on the BIOSWING Posturomed and has proved its worth over many years in both my scientific and my practical work. Thanks to the included interface, data export to external analysis software is quick and easy. With its visual feedback training function, MicroSwing is also in constant use in therapy and training with the BIOSWING Posturomed.”