BIOSWING Therapy systems

The BIOSWING Posturomed

The BIOSWING Posturomed® is the sensomotor prevention, therapy and diagnostic device. Its therapy platform is suspended from a double swinging mechanism that can administer with accuracy damped pendulum movements with varying adjustable oscillation amplitudes and frequencies.

The BIOSWING Posturomed® was launched on the market in 1995 as the first damped sensomotor therapy device with unstable oscillation and was targeted towards therapeutic use from the outset. Its development began back in the late 1980s in close collaboration between the company founder Eduard Haider and physiotherapists active in practice and science, and medical specialists from orthopaedics, neurology, geriatric medicine and physical and rehabilitative medicine.

The effect

The measured provocation of the motor control from the somatosensory system in a closed movement chain on the BIOSWING Posturomed® makes it possible to bring about optimum quality in the postural actions and reactions. This activation of the segmental, sectoral and polysegmental coordination serves to stabilise the load-bearing joints and spine. A stable sensomotor system forms the foundation for a pain-free and effective musculoskeletal system.

The models

The BIOSWING Posturomed® is available in two models that mainly differ in their size and their area of application:

the BIOSWING Posturomed® 202 is designed with a 60 x 60 cm therapy platform and a three-sided handrail for stationary use.

The BIOSWING Posturomed® compact is designed with a 40 x 40 cm therapy platform and a one-sided folding handrail with handle for mobile use.

The additional modules

The additional modules, specially developed for the BIOSWING Posturomed® and easy to retrofit, expand the potential applications significantly. They enable the BIOSWING Posturomed® to be used even more specifically, for certain indications and in particular during rehabilitation phases.

The rehab module

Enables functional knee, hip and pelvis stabilisation exercises in a closed kinetic chain, isometric or dynamic.

Device connection: Posturomed 202

The OSG module

Expands the swinging therapy platform by adding a tilting axis with limitable tilt. The ankle joints are provoked into providing greater stabilisation in various movement axes.

Device connection: Posturomed 202 and compact

The sitting module

Enables stabilisation while sitting, in particular for patients who are not able to perform the corresponding exercises while standing. Continuously adjustable height.

Device connection: Posturomed 202 and compact

The provocation module

Used to deflect the therapy platform by 10, 20 or 30 mm for targeted, standardised feedback training.

Device connection: Posturomed 202 and compact

The feedback module

Enables better visualisation of the movements of the therapy platform, in particular in therapy using the rehab module. The feedback module consists of three pairs to enable connection to three sides of the therapy platform.

Device connection: Posturomed 202 and compact

The contact module

The contact module supports the quality of motion in your patients. Rubber bands of various lengths are attached, offering your patients tactile stimuli for highlighting or restricting deflections in movement.

Device connection: Posturomed 202

The titubation grid

The titubation grid supports you in therapy by helping you to clinically assess fluctuations and asymmetries of the body or body parts of your patients better and more reliably. Also perfect for photo documentation.

Device connection: Posturomed 202 and compact

The step mat

The step mat is used for the standardised performance of all exercises that start with the patient positioned in front of the Posturomed . It enables, for example, all mounting motions to be performed with a constant and reproducible stride length.

Device connection: Posturomed 202 (wide mat) and compact (narrow mat).

Our user guide

For more in-depth information on the BIOSWING Posturomed®, its models, their physical characteristics, how they work and the additional modules with basic exercises.

 MDR 2017-certified

The BIOSWING Posturomed® 202 and the BIOSWING Posturomed® compact along with all add-on modules are according to MDR 2017/745 Class I medicinal devices in Europe and can be disinfected by wiping with all standard disinfectants in accordance with the VAH (Association for Applied Hygiene) list – for your safety and that of your patients.

Dr Eugen Rašev, University of Prague
specialist physician for rehabilitation and physical medicine – invented, and lectures in, the concept of postural pain therapy

“The BIOSWING Posturomed and postural pain therapy have become indispensable parts of physiotherapy. Since the mid-1990s, several thousand practices and rehab centres have used the BIOSWING Posturomed for stabilisation, pain treatment and rehab with great success. The crucial factor is the pulses from the swinging platform, which can be administered with accuracy and thus make the therapy more efficient and targeted.”