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For many people, day-to-day life largely involves a lack of movement and movement monotony.

Desk work, driving, watching TV and monotonous movements in industry are typical. Activities performed while seated or standing, with repeated, unvarying and intricate static or dynamic sequences of movements have become the norm in the modern world. Even our eyes and balance organs are no longer stimulated to their full capacity.

Musculo-skeletal dysfunctions

Unphysiological movement patterns

The increase in movement monotony is accompanied by suboptimal movement patterns in flexion, internal rotation and adduction, which paves the way for fundamentally damaging posture that strains the musculoskeletal system.

Even our eyes mainly work in a convergent state in our modern, screen-dominated world, with the neck muscles under static strain – one of the most common causes of musculoskeletal complaints nowadays.

Resulting functional disorders

The constantly recurring movement pattern with the associated mechanical and neurophysiological stresses can be the cause of musculoskeletal, stomatognathic, oculomotor and vegetative functional disorders, accompanied by pain, often severe.

Therapy approaches

Addressing these complaints therapeutically calls for a complex, holistic therapeutic strategy that takes into account the neurophysiology of central motor control. This three-stage strategy of functional pain therapy is presented here.


Sensomotor therapy

Sensomotor therapy aims to do justice to this complex holistic approach. This is only possible, however, if the strategic procedure of functional pain therapy is taken into account and if all sensory systems are given due attention, including the visual system with oculomotor system, the vestibular system and even the stomatognathic system. Fulfilling these requirements is vital for a therapy approach that involves all senses relevant for movement.

For a successful therapeutic strategy, BIOSWING can offer unique solutions:

the BIOSWING Posturomed has been an indispensable part of postural therapy for decades. Combined with the MicroSwing measuring system, it can demonstrate its strengths even more effectively in findings, therapy and feedback training. The BIOSWING Propriomed swing stick comes in three different versions for each therapy situation.

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