BIOSWING Therapy systems

The BIOSWING Propriomed

The BIOSWING Propriomed® is the sensomotor swing stick with multiple-finish spring steel, damping elements and easily adjustable frequency regulators for optimal dosing of the exercise intensity.

The oscillation frequencies, and thus the difficulty of the exercises, are continuously adjustable, symmetrically and asymmetrically.

The BIOSWING Propriomed® was launched on the market in 1999 as the first ever swing stick and was targeted towards therapeutic use from the outset. Its development began back in the mid-1990s in close collaboration between the company founder Eduard Haider and physiotherapists active in practice and science, and medical specialists from orthopaedics, neurology, geriatric medicine and physical and rehabilitative medicine.

The effect

Swinging the BIOSWING Propriomed® forces the neuro-muscular system to adjust to the frequencies of the stick. The neurophysiological effect is manifested by the elevated afferent nerve pathways triggering efferent impulses that act on the muscles in a metered stimulus density, resulting in the stimulation of the synergistic muscle activation.

A healthy and thus effective neuromuscular system is able to maintain the specified frequencies without losing control of the body as the swinging level remains constant.

This effect is of crucial importance for all stability requirements that apply for the musculoskeletal system in the vertical alignment against gravity.

The sensitivity of the motor cybernetics can thus be precisely optimised both by means of the damping and the individually adjustable regulation of the stick’s natural frequency.

The models

The BIOSWING Propriomed® is available in three models that mainly differ in their stick length and their area of application:

the BIOSWING Propriomed® 1 (yellow) is 190 cm long and has two continuously adjustable frequency regulators on each side. The therapeutic beginner’s swing stick covers the frequencies relevant for most patients in neuro-orthopaedic rehabilitation with its frequency spectrum of 3.0 to 4.0 Hz.

The BIOSWING Propriomed® 2 (red) is 165 cm long and has two continuously adjustable frequency regulators on each side. The therapeutically demanding swing stick covers the frequencies relevant for patients with good motor coordination with its frequency spectrum of 4.0 to 5.2 Hz.

The BIOSWING Propriomed® 100 (grey) is the 100 cm-long special swing stick for hand, elbow, shoulder, cervical spine and child rehabilitation. The lightweight stick designed for low oscillation amplitudes with a frequency spectrum from 4.8 to 6.0 Hz has a frequency regulator on each side and three twisted spring wires for oscillation damping that is easy on the joints.

The accessories

The accessories specially developed for the BIOSWING Propriomed® facilitate appropriate and safe storage of the swing sticks and are a methodological aid in your therapeutic single and group work with your patients.

The stand

The tripod is used for optimum suspended storage of up to 20 BIOSWING Propriomed® devices. The coated steel stand is mobile and can be locked with a bayonet lock and a padlock (not included in delivery) to secure the sticks.

The wall holder

The wall holder is used for optimum suspended storage of up to four BIOSWING Propriomed® devices. The coated steel wall holder is available in a single-storage and a four-storage version.

The titubation grid

The titubation grid supports you in therapy by helping you to clinically assess fluctuations and asymmetries of the body or body parts of your patients better and more reliably. Also perfect for photo documentation.

The wall chart

Made from textile material and in A1 format, the wall chart depicts the large variety of exercises and the physical device properties of the three BIOSWING Propriomed models. The exercise modules show you the diverse ways in which you can methodologically vary and combine the exercises with the BIOSWING Propriomed®.

Our user guide

For more in-depth information on the BIOSWING Propriomed®, its models, their physical characteristics, how they work and the basic exercises.


All BIOSWING Propriomed® are Class I medicinal devices in Europe and can be disinfected by wiping with all standard disinfectants in accordance with the VAH (Association for Applied Hygiene) list – for your safety and that of your patients.

Priv.-Doz. Dr Christian Puta
Graduate sports scientist and head of research at the department for sports medicine and health promotion at Friedrich Schiller University Jena

“Research at Jena University has shown that impaired coordination is a main cause of chronic back pain. This results in certain requirements for the devices used in diagnosis and therapy: specificity, sensitivity, control. The BIOSWING Propriomed makes it possible to identify disorders specifically and also to design efficient, sensitive and adjustable therapy.”