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The BIOSWING Golf Performer

The BIOSWING® Golf Performer is the sensomotor training device for training golf-specific movement patterns for the long and the short game and also from slopes, with elevated sensory input.

The Golf Performer is based on the BIOSWING® Posturomed. The BIOSWING Posturomed® was launched on the market in 1995 as the first damped sensomotor therapy device with unstable oscillation. Its development began back in the late 1980s in close collaboration between the company founder Eduard Haider and physiotherapists active in practice and science, and medical specialists.

The swinging mechanism

This forms the core of the BIOSWING® Golf Performer. It causes the standing platform to be dynamically mounted and it has two individually switchable oscillation circuits and an intermediate connection. The oscillation circuits can also be fully stopped.

The standing platform

The BIOSWING® Golf Performer’s standing platform is covered with a high-quality golf standing mat made from artificial nylon grass, which can be used with all standard golf shoes with soft spikes and plastic cleats. The platform’s angle of inclination can be adjusted in two stages in all four axes, by up to 7.5°, to enable optimum slope training both with the platform fixed and with the platform oscillating freely.

The teeing base

The teeing base is fitted with a high-quality fairway insert that slows down the club in the event of fat shots without elevated club vibrations. The mat has five recessed holders for screw-in tees. The height of the teeing base is continuously adjustable. Excess and reduced height are both possible. Equally, the distance away from the teeing base can also be adjusted, so very small or very tall players can also find the perfect setup for them, even with short irons or long drivers. A large ball basket is attached directly to the fairway mat, making it possible to remove the ball with the club. In addition to the ball basket, there is a holder for storing up to four tees.

The substructure

The substructure supports the entire BIOSWING® Golf Performer and has pneumatic tyres. This allows the Golf Performer to be moved onto the driving range via the fixed handle.

Thanks to two adjustable feet behind the tyres, it can also be stored vertically against a wall.

Our operating instructions

For more in-depth information on the BIOSWING® Golf Performer, its technical data, the scope of delivery, operation and transport.

A selection of our german customers


Fabian Bünker, PGA golf professional, graduate DOSB trainer, sports director and team trainer at the Club zur Vahr (Bremen) and successful golf book and blog author.

“The Bioswing® Golf Performer gives us the perfect foundation for lifting our technique training to a new level in the amateur and pro areas. In particular, the contrast between the deliberate instability on the Performer and the stable stand on the fairway have proven to be excellent provocation training for our sensomotor system. In addition to being used on the driving range, the BIOSWING® Golf Performer is used for athletic training.”