BIOSWING Training systems

The BIOSWING Improve swing stick

The BIOSWING Improve® is the high-tech swing stick with frequency regulators that can be easily adjusted, symmetrically and asymmetrically. You can use these frequency regulators to adjust the stick’s oscillation speed to suit your performance level. Furthermore, the BIOSWING Improve® has an elastic spring steel with elaborate coating. This spring steel oscillates softly and calmly, preventing excessive load peaks in combination with the damping elements.

The BIOSWING Improve® is based on the BIOSWING Propriomed® therapy swing stick that was launched on the market in 1999 as the first ever swing stick. Its development began back in the mid-1990s in close collaboration between the company founder Eduard Haider and physiotherapists active in academia and research, and medical specialists.

The perfect training partner

In the office, at home, at the sports club, in the gym or on holiday: with the BIOSWING Improve® you have the perfect training partner! The rhythmical impulses that you generate and that are reflected by the stick will bring about long-lasting improvements in your muscle coordination and posture. And your children will also have lots of fun training!

The models

The BIOSWING Improve® is available in two models that mainly differ in their stick length and their area of application: the shorter the stick, the higher the oscillation frequencies and therefore the more your muscle coordination is put to the test.

BIOSWING Improve® 150: With a length of 150 cm and continuously adjustable frequencies of 3.8 to 4.8 oscillations per second, this swing stick is perfect for health and fitness training, and for children roughly six years of age and older.

BIOSWING Improve® 130: With a length of 130 cm and continuously adjustable frequencies of 5.0 to 6.0 oscillations per second, this swing stick is perfect for advanced users and for athletic training.

The accessories

The accessories specially developed for the BIOSWING Improve® facilitate appropriate and safe storage and transport of the swing sticks. Additionally, our own Improve music CD brings plenty of swing into your exercise sessions, and for the trainers we have prepared a methodological exercise guide in the form of our wall chart.

The stand

The stand is used for optimum suspended storage of up to 20 BIOSWING Improve® devices. The coated steel stand is mobile and can be locked with a bayonet lock and a padlock (not included in delivery) to secure the sticks.

The four-storage wall holder

The wall holder is used for optimum suspended storage of up to four BIOSWING Improve® devices. The four-storage wall holder is made of coated steel.

The single-storage wall holder

The wall holder is used for optimum suspended storage of one BIOSWING Improve®. The single-storage wall holder is made of coated steel.

The carrying bags

Made of highly durable nylon with a stable polyester outer coating printed in three colours, a two-part carrying handle and a padded shoulder strap.

Suitable for carrying swing sticks up to 150 cm in length. The carrying bags are available in 10-stick and 20-stick sizes.

The music

To make sure you have all kinds of fun in your BIOSWING Improve® swing stick courses. The CD in a practical Digipak with two tracks and over one hour of music with varying tempo. Each track is marked with the beats per minutes (bpm) between 120 and 130 and the recommended frequency settings of the swing stick.

The wall chart

Made from textile material and in A1 format, the wall chart depicts the large variety of exercises and the physical device properties of the two BIOSWING Improve models. The exercise modules show you the diverse ways in which you can methodologically vary and combine the exercises with the BIOSWING Improve®. The variety of exercises you can use for your training is thus practically unlimited!

Our exercise instructions

For more in-depth information on the BIOSWING Improve®, its models, how they work, the ideal posture and the basic exercises.




Gabriele Hiessl, swing stick instructor and C-trainer from Filderstadt/South-Germany, for many years one of the most successful BIOSWING Improve course leaders in the area of company health management.

“The BIOSWING Improve training is my effective fitness programme, unbelievably versatile but nevertheless easy to understand, and I can implement it anywhere and at any time. Just 10 minutes a day is enough for me to feel good through and through – ingeniously simple – simply ingenious – the BIOSWING Improve!”

Yvonne Ittershagen, triathlete


“I use a few selected exercises to train with the Improve 150 two or three times a week to supplement my conventional strength and athletic training. In my experience, much more effective training is possible in significantly less time. I noticed an improvement particularly in terms of core stability. I feel more stable in my lower back and in all the muscles keeping me upright when running or cycling, as I previously performed exercises that were either dynamic or static. Overall, I am very impressed with the BIOSWING Improve, as I have found it to be unbelievably practical, straightforward and effective and I keep recommending it to people.”