BIOSWING Training systems

Technologies for better motor skills

There is one thing that all disciplines agree on: physicians, physiotherapists, sports scientists and trainers all state that regular movement is crucial for a fit and healthy body. Not all movement is alike, however, and each movement has its own unique stresses and effects for the neuromuscular system.

Only good quality movement will provide the desired quality effects! To achieve this, the system quality of the training device is a critical factor.

Quality and perfection down to the finest detail!

BIOSWING – the intelligent 3D movement technology

The ground-breaking invention of the BIOSWING oscillating element in the 1980s revolutionised how people sit in the office as well as sensomotor training and the realm of therapy. Where rigid joints between device and floor were previously the norm, there is now a patented, pendulum-like element with precisely defined damping that is able to reflect the body’s rhythmical cycles, continuously and with great effect.

An ingenious way to perfectly harmonise ergonomics, movement and rhythm – with the human body cleverly forming its core.

For a modern automobile, the following rule applies:

The more power is to be implemented on the road, the more important the quality of the chassis. The springs and dampers need to be coordinated precisely to ensure power transmission, comfort and safety in all situations and at all times.

Experts and connoisseurs consider this issue highly important as it can play a crucial role in the purchase of a vehicle.

For modern training technology, there is a similar rule:

The BIOSWING swinging mechanism decouples and reflects the movement pulses of the athlete’s body precisely and consistently.

This makes it possible to stimulate the motor areas (the principal areas involved in motor function) in the central nervous system to produce greater performance and to provide the athlete with better motor control, resulting in increased strength and balance abilities.

More than 50,000 therapists in rehabilitation centres, clinics and physiotherapy practices use this technology every day:

The “BIOSWING Posturomed” is a sensomotor therapy, prevention and diagnostic device and has had a long-term effect on how practices are equipped, even producing its own independent therapy method: postural pain therapy.

the wide distribution in Germany, Austria and Switzerland has sustainably expanded the therapy processes in the areas of neuro-orthopaedic rehabilitation and sensomotor pain therapy.

The effectiveness of the BIOSWING system has been scientifically researched and verified repeatedly.

With MicroSwing, a measuring system developed for evaluating the results of therapy, even ultra-fine movement impulses can be depicted and assessed.

This measurement system with its Balance Test is used increasingly in company health management, at health events and in top-level competitive sport.

A visionary for over 50 years and still passionate about people’s well-being. Eduard Haider (born in 1940), the discoverer and inventor of the BIOSWING idea is full of energy even to this day when it comes to optimising workplaces and therapy facilities. At the Pullenreuth plant in Bavaria, he ensures with great charm and verve that each product is given the time and attention it needs to be perfect – every single day. In this way, each product is given a “soul”, so to speak.

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