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What did Muhammad Ali, Chris Evert, Mark Spitz, Emil Zátopek, Magdalena Forsberg and Eddy Merckx have in common?
What connects Lindsey Vonn, Jan Frodeno, Serena Williams, Markus Rehm and Daniela Ryf?
They all embody a special form of performance, stamina, enthusiasm, optimism and idealism: they were – or are – all world class athletes. And they each had or have their very own special vision.

Whether lone fighter or team player: performance wins!

Without visionary sportspeople, the world would not be what it is today. And without people like this, all the numerous inspiring ideas for the future would be unthinkable. The visionary embodies in one person skill, utopia, hope and new ways forward.

Intuition, authenticity, charisma and having the right networks all play a major role.

Our brain also functions in networks, albeit neural ones.

In these networks, information is channelled through a data network with a total length of 5.8 million kilometres (!) in various hierarchies, providing unfathomable potential for performance and productivity thanks to multiple cross-linking with up to 200,000 synaptic connections per nerve cell.

BIOSWING swinging mechanisms promote networking in a targeted way:

Because the swinging mechanism integrated into the training system reflects even the slightest, very fine movements of the athlete and stimulates the sensomotor system to provide greater performance.

The effects are impressive:

  • Improved ability to balance
  • Improved strength ability
  • Improved motor control
Fascinating and remarkable information on the brain and the potential
Of neurons, synapses and astrocytes

While it is not possible to see neurons or a neuron network with the naked eye, the latest brain research findings have found that the synapses (contact points) in the nervous system can be increased.

How? By means of appropriate stimuli being processed by the neurons in our brain. More concentrated stimuli result in a neural network that is larger, and thus more stable.

The principle supply of energy to the system is performed by the cells’ internal mechanisms but also by the astrocytes that metabolise nutrient-rich glucose.

Here is an interesting video on the topic.

And here is an article that describes the basic principles of how the nerve cells communicate with one another.

Networking brings results, especially in the brain

Road, rail and air transport are based on networks, as are the global economy, the Internet and our social lives, with a multitude of hubs, clusters and paths.

Networks are an important organisation principle in the brain and are amazingly effective. They make it possible for complex patterns to be generated through the coordinated activity of the neurons. Researchers whose job is to find micro and macro networks are constantly shocked by the incredible complexity that they come across.

Here is an intriguing video on the topic.

Data superhighways in the brain

The network made up of  roughly 80–100 billion neurons can create up to 200,000 links per nerve cell. This results in a data superhighway that is an unfathomable 5.8 million kilometres in length. This represents a pathway that would wrap around the earth 145 times and inconceivable mental potential! Along this highway, data and information from millions of receptors race incessantly at speeds of up to 100 metres per second. Only roughly 40 bit/s reach our conscious minds, the remaining 11,000,000 bit/s are left to unconscious perception and processing.

The fascinating thing about our brain is that it gives us fluid intelligence and this can be trained throughout our whole life, just like our muscles. The foundation for the life of a genius is thus contained in each one of us.

Here is a very interesting article on the “fuelling stations of the nerve cells”.

Video on how brain, nerves and muscles work together

Our sensomotor system – a complex control system made up of receptors, nerves, central nervous system and muscles.

Watch this video to learn how sitting on BIOSWING can stimulate this fascinating system.

The latest findings from brain research prove that our brain has far more potential than is normally used. It thus makes sense to fully exploit all our capacity to improve performance – particularly given that the “positive side effects” of this are stronger muscles, better nourishment of the spinal discs and improved concentration.

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