BIOSWING Training systems

The BIOSWING Balance Test

The BIOSWING® Balance Test is the test method for illustrating your customers’ coordination skills quickly and clearly. The better the nervous system’s ability to adapt to the oscillations triggered by the Posturomed® platform, the higher your stability percentage score in the BIOSWING® Balance Test.

The BIOSWING® Balance Test is especially suitable for you as a provider of health events in connection with company events, trade shows or campaign days.

The appealing test method

With the BIOSWING® Balance Test, you can offer your customers an appealing, simple and easily performed test method. With the results of the BIOSWING® Balance Test, you can make your customers aware of a potential risk of falling or injury resulting from reduced neuromuscular coordination. You can then offer each of your customers a printed template showing the findings along with a corresponding interpretation. You can obtain all the printed templates you need free of charge from HAIDER BIOSWING.

The three components

The hardware:

  • Posturomed® compact with step mat and sensor holder.
  • Wired measurement electronics, if desired with notebook.
  • Rollup with your logo and brief characterisation of the BIOSWING® Balance Test.

The software:

  • Rapid and secure installation.
  • Ready to run measurement software on the optionally available notebook.
  • Simple and intuitive program UI.

The transport case:

  • The measurement hardware is stored safely in a small suitcase.
  • The Posturomed® compact has a folding rail for a small packing size and large transport castors for rapid relocation.
  • There is a rollable aluminium box for all components to ensure secure transport, if desired.

The test evaluation

We will be happy to send you your desired number of test evaluation forms for your event, which can be filled out quickly and easily.

The rental service

You can also rent our Balance Test for your events!


The BIOSWING Balance Test is compact in three ways!

Compact hardware

Compact software

Compact taking of measurements

Recommended for:

Health days

Trade fairs

Company events

Health management

Health insurance companies

Health studios

Healthcare service providers

Carmen Winter, M.A. Sport and movement gerontology, B.A. health promotion and Tobias Hold, M.B.A. sports management, B.A. sports science. Both managing directors of GESUNDHEITSMOTOR with many years of professional experience as project managers, consultants, speakers and personal trainers in company health management.

“The BIOSWING Balance Test is an ingeniously easy measurement procedure for measuring neuromuscular coordination skills and thus the dynamic standing stability of our customers in company health management. We are thus able to screen the workforce in little time, especially in large companies. For a health day, for example, we can thus gain an overview of the risk of falling or being injured for all employees. Furthermore, the employees become very ambitious and practice all variants of standing on one leg.”