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To make your home office a special place

The home office can sometimes be a stressful place. 54% of all home office users state that they have to work with great concentration, for example on drafts or reports. It can therefore help enormously if you have designed your home office to turn even marathon sessions in front of the screen into automatic back training.

Design your working day to make it more agile and efficient: change your workstation so that it is perfectly suited to your body and the requirements of your work.

The devices you use are becoming increasingly mobile. Nevertheless, it can be a good idea to use a perfectly adjusted and ergonomic home office chair instead of a couch or kitchen chair.

Your back will appreciate it.

Long-term work at the computer causes strain in the neck area. Our muscles have to hold a weight of roughly 5 kg in place (the weight of the human head) – normally in a slightly awkward position, particularly when we work on a laptop. This impairs circulation and metabolism and generally leads to chronic pain and tension.

For this reason, we recommend that computer workers, even those in the home office, always use an individually adjustable neck support – and take regular short breaks for relaxation.

The more varied work in the home office becomes, the more important it becomes to choose the right type of seat. Smart workers think ahead and consider this decision an investment in their future: life quality and health are two key components that should not be overlooked.

BIOSWING is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to retain their back health and performance over the long term, or even optimise them.

Ergonomics in the home office:
add some comfort to your working day with the relaxing BIOSWING chair

The individual adjustment of the various chair regions supports and promotes an ergonomic working posture.

The more sophisticated these options are, the more you will be active and get things done in your home office.

In addition to the standard ergonomic features of any good office chair, each BIOSWING chair has a unique 3D swinging mechanism, which makes the chair extremely valuable in its effect on muscles, spinal discs and the nervous system with its sophisticated technology.

A lumbar support that can be adjusted to perfectly suit your back helps to support the natural curve of your lumbar spine, for example.

This prevents spinal disc problems and promotes a relaxed posture.

How can BIOSWING affect the human brain and performance?

The intelligent, adaptive BIOSWING seating system stops your body from adopting a monotonous posture for prolonged periods, which would require a great deal of energy to stabilise and would quickly strain certain muscle groups. When sitting, you no longer need to invest so much energy in stabilising your posture, allowing you to devote more energy to mental work.

Simply take a seat and you’ll have an entirely new comfortable seating experiencestraight away. The 3D seat mechanism immediately responds to the slightest changes in your body’s centre of gravity and reflects them like an echo. These continuous movement stimuli are transmitted as information to the brain, where they are integrated into the network structure via various hierarchical data channels. These networks are automatically activated as you sit, thus further increasing your performance.

Find out more here about the topic of improving your performance.

Muscles thrive on movement! A lack of movement, something we often experience in the office, is “toxic” for our muscles. And the more our muscles are supported, the weaker they get.

The swinging mechanism integrated into the chair functions automatically, performing its work inconspicuously in the background. It reflects all your movement impulses to keep you in a state of permanent micromovement for as long as you remain seated.

Back training without leaving your seat – while you focus on something else.

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The range of BIOSWING solutions is diverse.

You can find out which option would suit you best with our many ergonomics experts in some 150 consulting companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

We will gladly help you to find the perfect solution – simply use the contact form below.

Here are a number of models that make your home office a very special place:

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