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Motivation and health are closely related to how well the chair is in harmony with an individual’s anatomy.

The more precisely an office chair can be adjusted to suit your personal circumstances, the better – especially if you need to sit for long periods.

Below, we present the most important adjustment options in the 2 series.

A BIOSWING 2 series office chair provides plenty of additional movement while you sit.

Thanks to the various mechanisms, the 2 series not only responds to every movement  on the part of the user, but also adapts individually in accordance with each posture that you assume over the course of a long day. And furthermore, the best posture is always the next one.

The secret of the BIOSWING seating systems

Rigid, motionless sitting is unhealthy. This is the reason why we at BIOSWING break up this rigidity and, thanks to the patented, adaptive 3D movement technology, automatically transform your daily working routine into pleasant, harmonious and effective exercise while you are seated. Automatically and while you focus on something else…

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Vitalising body and soul

Our spine loves an upright posture combined with plenty of active movement. The 2 series (bestseller) is fitted with either an individually adjustable seat tilt adjustment or pelvic stabiliser with a wonderfully soft response, so you can easily move your pelvis and thus also your spine into the natural S shape.

One of our many ergonomics experts will gladly show you the differences between the two mechanisms live and let you try them out.

Active movement combined with an upright posture is good for the spinal column. With the individually adjustable seat tilt adjustment, you can adapt the tilt of any model from the 2 series to perfectly suit your needs so that your spine retains its natural S shape thanks to your pelvic alignment.

There are two crucial factors when it comes to keeping your spine healthy and upright in the long term:

1. sufficiently stabilising movement

2. anatomically correct support in passive sitting phases.

A lumbar support with adjustable height and curve can help you with this – which your spinal discs will appreciate.

If your job involves lots of work with a keyboard and mouse, you should make sure that your shoulder muscles are relieved regularly. Individually adjustable armrests can provide valuable support in this respect. The 2 series is available in two versions, which our many ergonomics experts can present to you in some 150 consulting companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

More swing, day after day

Ergonomics experts recommend an “open sitting angle”.

This helps to align the pelvis during long sitting periods and to bring the spine into an upright position, similar to a standing posture. This benefits the spine and spinal discs. This function comes in various versions. Any of our numerous specialists in our roughly 150 consulting offices in DE, CH and AT will gladly provide consultation on this matter. They will also gladly show you the other model series and work with you to find the solution that is perfect for you. On request, we can organise a sample chair for you to test at your personal workplace.

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Our bestseller, (delivery time 1 week):


  • Ergonomic office swivel chair with orthopaedic effect
  • Integrated, adaptive 3D seat mechanism
  • Synchronous mechanism with automatic weight adjustment (along with fine adjustment)
  • Armrests with individually adjustable height
  • Individual seat tilt adjustment, by means of either pelvic stabiliser or gas spring
  • Sitting depth can be adjusted to suit leg length
  • Backrest with adjustable height, additionally with integrated lumbar shaping
  • Backrest height: 60 cm
  • Fabric cover: X-treme FR black
  • Star base: Plastic, black
  • Bestseller price: EUR 910 plus VAT

BIOSWING 260 iQ Bestseller



Enhanced ergonomics

Supports stabilisation and alignment of the spine

Promotes concentration and motivation

Recommended by orthopaedists and physiotherapists

5 year guarantee

Instruction manual

Data sheet 260 iQ Bestseller

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