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Are you getting all the potential benefits from using a height-adjustable desk?

Each position you adopt between standing and elevated sitting helps you to enjoy the benefits of a variety of postures. The idea behind this is that frequently changing your physical position is good for your body and mind. This is because our musculoskeletal system is programmed to perform movement, at both micro and macro level.

The BIOSWING Boogie is a real all-round talent. Thanks to the design of the various seats and pelvis or back supports, it is the perfect foundation for ergonomic sitting for all manner of applications – and with its integrated 3D seat mechanism, it ensures plenty of movement.

For the doctor’s surgery, physiotherapy or office: the Boogie always makes a good impression.

The BIOSWING is available in a variety of sitting heights, with and without foot ring and even for areas where sterile work is performed, with foot release.

We provide a special cover fabric to match each area of application, which can be cleaned and disinfected according to regulations.

Each Boogie features individual adjustment of the pelvis or back support as standard. You can adjust both the height and the depth to suit your personal preferences.

Furthermore, it is fitted as standard with a new, highly comfortable pelvic stabiliser mechanism that ensures that the seat tilts automatically, regardless of the height at which it is set.

The secret of the BIOSWING seating systems

Rigid, motionless sitting is unhealthy. This is the reason why we at BIOSWING break up this rigidity and, thanks to the patented, adaptive 3D movement technology, automatically transform your daily working routine into pleasant, harmonious and effective exercise while you are seated. Automatically and while you focus on something else…

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50:25:25 – sitting, standing and walking

If you prefer to stand, you can use your Boogie mostly in the top positions as a support for standing and just sit down occasionally. You can use the optional foot ring to support your feet now and again while sitting.

Also ideal for counter solutions for customer contact on an equal footing.

Our bestseller, (delivery time 1 week):

BIOSWING Boogie switch

  • Ergonomic stool with orthopaedic effect for practice and office
  • Integrated, adaptive 3D seat mechanism
  • Flat seat
  • Ergonomic back support with integrated armrests
  • Pelvic stabiliser mechanism for physiological positioning of the pelvis
  • Fabric cover: X-treme FR black
  • Star base: Alum., polished
  • Castors ø60 mm with chrome housing
  • Bestseller price: EUR 868 plus VAT

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