BIOSWING Seating systems

Sitting and standing: Switching makes all the difference

Modern working environments are equipped with height-adjustable desks.

The idea behind this is that frequently changing your physical position is good for your body and mind. This is because our musculoskeletal system is programmed to perform movement, at both micro and macro level.

Office furniture that provides many options for variation considerably improves the employees’ motivation and concentration, thus increasing their productivity.

Using a greater variety of seating means that the number of possible working positions can be increased – making it easier to prevent back problems, which can be costly and painful.

There are many stand-up/sit-down solutions. But only one automatically converts each user movement into back-strengthening training: BIOSWING.

The  integrated, adaptive, swinging seat mechanism in the stool or chair also has many other advantages, which you can read about under the heading “Why BIOSWING?”.

Maximum flexibility in all work situations

Even chairs with extra high gas springs and seats that tilt forwards at a sharp angle are suitable for improving posture in high sitting positions. This is because moving the desk higher up means that the employees need to bend forwards less – and their posture is more upright.

In conjunction with the adaptive and movement-stimulating BIOSWING 3D mechanics, it is an extremely effective measure for healthy and high-performing team members.

Individually adjustable footrests that are fastened to the chair provide additional variation options for the positions of the legs and feet.

Other ergonomic optimisations on and next to the desk are just as useful, such as an individually adjustable monitor arm, document holder, vertical mouse and roller mouse. Centring the arrangement of the work equipment in relation to the body makes for healthier postures. And better tools make day-to-day work in the office smarter.

Various height settings for the desk enable additional variable postures. And once again, the same principle applies: the best posture is always the next one.

Dr Dieter Breithecker, chair of the Board of Directors
BAG, Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft für Haltungs- und Bewegungsförderung e.V

Movement needs to be an integral component of day-to-day life. If you need to sit, then do it as actively and dynamically as possible. Sitting routines should be broken up regularly, ideally every 20 minutes. With its integrated movement system, BIOSWING provides many additional movement stimuli and is thus perfect for making office workers move a little more.

For sitting or for support while standing – the unique BIOSWING technology makes the difference:

It uses your body’s own impulses, reflects them with the patented swinging mechanism inside the chair and uses them to continuously stimulate and activate your nervous system and brain.

Various desk height settings throughout the course of the day in conjunction with the BIOSWING swinging technology are a perfect solution for people who value themselves and their health.

The intelligent and adaptive BIOSWING seating system stops your body from adopting a monotonous posture for prolonged periods, which would require a great deal of energy to stabilise and would quickly strain certain muscle groups. The body no longer needs to invest so much energy in stabilising its posture, allowing it to devote more energy to mental work.

Meeting participants can simply take a seat and will enjoy an entirely new, pleasant seating experience straight away. The 3D seat mechanism immediately responds to the slightest changes in your body’s centre of gravity and reflects them like an echo. These continuous movement stimuli are transmitted as information to the brain, where they are integrated into the network structure via various hierarchical data channels. These networks are automatically activated as someone sits, thus further increasing performance.

The range of BIOSWING solutions is diverse.

You can find out which option would suit you best with our many ergonomics experts in some 150 consulting companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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