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The multitalent

Speed meeting is the latest trend in the activity-based office. The teams meet spontaneously in the spaces provided to give free reign to their creativity. Sitting and standing are performed alternately, with the BIOSWING Foxter providing support while sitting and giving a boost to body and mind.

The seat of the stool, which is decoupled from the rigid floor, performs a special function: it reflects all impulses of the person sitting in a unique way and triggers a stimulating and creativity-boosting effect in the body.

Thanks to the easy operation and continuously adjustable height, the stool’s features can benefit young and old alike.

Thanks to the stool’s integrated 3D seat mechanism, all movements are reflected – even the smallest, such as heartbeat and breathing – and then continuously sent back to the brain as movement stimuli. These stimuli are then sent via various hierarchical data channels to the network structure of the brain area involved in movement. These networks are activated by the unique BIOSWING technology automatically as you sit, making it possible to further increase performance and creativity.

The reflection of micromovements during sitting is also used in therapy. When a therapist or osteopath performs highly sensitive work with their patient, the positioning of their body as they sit on the stool is of great importance. The BIOSWING Foxter is a valuable tool in such cases, as it enables the therapist to match the patient’s oscillations and thus promotes a steady hand even during the most delicate traction therapy techniques.

The Foxter is also used in education: nursery teachers love the fine movements that enable comfortable sitting that is easy on the back even at low sitting heights in conjunction with a short gas spring.

The beauty of a multitalent is that it can be used anywhere – even at a normal desk, in the office or the home office: the BIOSWING Foxter always makes a good impression.

The secret of the BIOSWING seating systems

Rigid, motionless sitting is unhealthy. This is the reason why we at BIOSWING break up this rigidity and, thanks to the patented, adaptive 3D movement technology, automatically transform your daily working routine into pleasant, harmonious and effective exercise while you are seated. Automatically and while you focus on something else…

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The vision of BIOSWING

More health

Improved performance

Innovative technology

  • Continuously adjustable
  • With the adaptive BIOSWING 3D seat mechanism
  • small, lightweight and compact
  • Spontaneous good and healthy sitting
  • Tested and recommended by the “Aktion gesunder Rücken e.V.” [Healthy Back Campaign, AGR]

Feel it – and love it

Foxter bestseller

  • Ergonomic stool with orthopaedic effect for practice and office
  • Integrated, adaptive 3D seat mechanism
  • Ball seat
  • Fabric cover: Xtreme-FR black
  • Star base: Alum., grey paint
  • Castors ø50cm, grey
  • Bestseller price: EUR 372 plus VAT

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