BIOSWING Seating systems

Where ingenious ideas can become “moonshots”

A few years ago, digital assistants such as Siri, Alexa and Cortana were inconceivable, electric vehicles an absurd concept and autonomous driving just a fantasy. For some people, travelling to Mars, global Internet provided by balloon, or autonomous deliveries by drone are still utopias today.

But there will always be visionary people with a mindset that drives them to make positive changes and improvements in the world and humanity and who believe in the success of their ideas ceaselessly and with euphoria.

Do you share this passion for the future? And the possibilities it brings for optimising your life? Then BIOSWING has a lot to offer you.

Ideas that change the world.

In different parts of the world, there are agile, passionate teams working on global strategies, plans and roadmaps in international companies. And their ideas and visions began as start-ups, only to become the foundations of our future.

Teams with active minds and bodies work more creatively and thus make the companies they work for more future-proof. And BIOSWING is involved more and more.

The digital transformation is taking hold of all companies. New technologies are enabling additional business areas and genuine innovations to come into being. Modern companies need the courage to try out new things if they are to keep up with the competition, and even overtake it.

To do this, intelligent solutions are called for that can help employees to clear their heads and get stuck into work with a powerful sense of team spirit.

The BIOSWING Foxter is an “ingenious analogue solution” for all meeting areas where spirit is vital for body and soul.

With its integrated swinging mechanism which works in resonance with the person sitting on it, the stool thoroughly stimulates and vitalises the meeting participants.

Find out more here about the power and performance enhancement that the Foxter can provide.

Inspiration and creative kick

Even the most agile BIOSWING chair contains the technology that makes BIOSWING so unique:

It uses your body’s own impulses, reflects them with the patented swinging mechanism inside the chair and uses them to continuously stimulate and activate your nervous system and brain. Double-blind studies have shown that movement stimuli that occur purposefully while sitting on the BIOSWING system significantly increase mental performance.

Find out more here about the technology.

The intelligent, adaptive BIOSWING seat mechanism stops your body from adopting a monotonous posture for prolonged periods. Stabilising this position would require a lot of energy and would relatively quickly overstrain certain muscle groups. With BIOSWING, the body no longer needs to invest so much energy in stabilising its posture, allowing it to devote more energy to mental work.

Meeting participants can simply take a seat and will enjoy an entirely new, pleasant seating experience straight away. The 3D seat mechanism immediately responds to the slightest changes in your body’s centre of gravity and reflects them like an echo. These continuous movement stimuli are transmitted as information to the brain, where they are integrated into the network structure via various hierarchical data channels. These networks are automatically activated as someone sits, thus further increasing performance.

Vitalise your own team spirit!

The perfect solution when multiple people frequently need a quick place to sit that will boost their productivity:

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