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For people who care about their health – and that of their staff.

Employees are the most important capital that a company has. It therefore makes sense to incorporate staff well-being into the office planning. More and more companies have company health management, which includes a wide range of strategies for achieving one particular aim: to make employees healthier and happier.

Studies from various universities and the Fraunhofer Institute IAO in Stuttgart have shown that the interior design of the office is very closely linked to both staff motivation and staff health. One essential aspect in this regard is the right stimulating office chair.

Employees spend up to 80,000 hours mostly sitting, in some cases in old office chairs with bad ergonomics. Given that human beings are designed to be active, this is a sad state of affairs.

A good office chair can be a valuable source of additional movement.

Dr Klaus Weiß
BGM Centre of Competence at Heidelberg University’s ISSW

The health of employees plays a key role from a variety of perspectives. A lack of movement and incorrect sitting are toxic for the body. BIOSWING technology is a scientifically sound solution for stimulating the human body even when it is sitting – for example, in the office – in order to trigger processes within the body that promote health.

BIOSWING seating systems – tested and recommended by Aktion gesunder Rücken e.V.

Aktion gesunder Rücken e.V. [Healthy Back Campaign, AGR] is an independent association that is intensively involved in the topic of back health. It has developed a neutral quality seal that is awarded to products that have shown their effectiveness for back health in a thorough examination in front of a committee of experts. In the categories “active office chair” and “active chair”, the BIOSWING model series were tested, certified and named as highly recommendable seating systems.

The secret of BIOSWING: the patented 3D swinging mechanism based on the pendulum principle that brings a whole range of crucial benefits for the owner.

Comfort combined with effectiveness:
how sitting on a BIOSWING office chair can improve your health

What happens inside your body while you are seated?

The intelligent BIOSWING seating system prevents the body from adopting a monotonous posture for a prolonged period, which would require a lot of energy to stabilise and would relatively quickly overstrain certain muscle groups. When sitting, you no longer need to invest so much energy in stabilising your posture, allowing you to devote more energy to mental work.

Simply take a seat and you’ll have an entirely new comfortable seating experiencestraight away. The 3D seat mechanism immediately responds to the slightest changes in your body’s centre of gravity and reflects them like an echo. These continuous movement stimuli are transmitted as information to the brain, where they are integrated into the network structure via various hierarchical data channels. These networks are automatically activated as you sit, thus further increasing your performance.

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The technology inside each BIOSWING office chair is unique:

It uses your body’s own impulses, reflects them with the patented swinging mechanism inside the chair, uses them to continuously stimulate and activate your nervous system and brain, and at the same time strengthens your back muscles.

The 3D swinging mechanism is designed to align with the functional anatomy of the human body and the spectrum of movements it performs while sitting, and it thus automatically and harmoniously adjusts to the natural frequencies of 0.8 to 2.7 hertz.

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A lack of movement, something we often experience in the office, is “toxic” for our muscles. And the more our muscles are supported, the weaker they get.

The swinging mechanism integrated into the chair functions automatically, performing its work inconspicuously in the background. It reflects all your movement impulses to keep you in a state of permanent micromovement for as long as you remain seated.

Back training without leaving your seat – while you focus on something else.

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Muscles thrive on movement: on tension and relaxation.

The “design” of our muscles (639 in total) and the way they all interact are ingenious – but only if certain biological necessities are respected. Unfortunately, working in front of a computer regularly puts the shoulder and neck regions under great isometric strain (with the muscles being tensed with no actual movement). Over time, this can lead to health problems as serious as a slipped disc in the cervical spine.  Scheduled relaxation breaks using the neck support can provide relief.

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Muscles need active movement, on a regular basis.
You can even do this without leaving your seat, with BIOSWING.

The movement-stimulating technology in the BIOSWING motivates you to perform playful little “hula hoop workouts”, which can be incorporated into day-to-day work as you sit. Not enough to make you sweat, but nevertheless effective for back health. This is because these movements activate the small spine muscles that are responsible for keeping the spine stable. Keep swinging.

The range of BIOSWING solutions is diverse.

You can find out which option would suit you best with our many ergonomics experts in some 150 consulting companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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