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Take your performance to the next level!

There are people in innovative companies who have to be very physically active every day and whose vision future trends depend on.

Physical and mental fitness are the basis for these permanent challenges.

And the more far-reaching their personal career plan and prospects are, the more vital their performance becomes.

Tackling challenges provides motivation.

We’ve all at some point experienced the exhilarating thrill of finally making it to the top.

With the passion to keep on going, there is much you can achieve, even if the path sometimes seems lost in the fog. Successful people talk of a magical moment: the point when you’ve outdone yourself, achieved more than you expected and have become one with your aim in life.

Setting out on this path requires a great deal of courage, self-belief, determination and, at all times, sufficient energy.

Success-oriented people generally have clear visions and goals, combined with the iron will to achieve them. If you plan to make your life dream a reality, you would be well advised to optimise your “office habitat”, a place where you will normally spend a lot of time and work intensively.

BIOSWING can help you: automatically, with no attention required on your part, and in a highly sustainable manner. For BIOSWING is more than just a chair.

Find our more here about ways in which you can optimise your performance.

Lars Stiegemeier
Stuttgart stock exchange, Facility Management

The Stuttgart stock exchange is the exchange for private investors and the leading floor trading location in Germany. Employees are often engaged in work that requires deep concentration and must keep a cool head even in stressful situations. BIOSWING supports them at their workstations on a daily basis.

BIOSWING 3D technology is one of a kind:

It uses your body’s own impulses, reflects them with the patented swinging mechanism inside the chair and uses them to continuously stimulate and activate your nervous system and brain. More information on the technology and what makes it superior to other seating solutions is available here.

Double-blind studies have shown that movement stimuli that occur purposefully while sitting on the BIOSWING system significantly increase mental performance.

The intelligent BIOSWING seating system prevents the body from adopting a monotonous posture for a prolonged period, which would require a lot of energy to stabilise and would relatively quickly overstrain certain muscle groups. When sitting, you no longer need to invest so much energy in stabilising your posture, allowing you to devote more energy to mental work.

Simply take a seat and you’ll have an entirely new comfortable seating experiencestraight away. The 3D seat mechanism immediately responds to the slightest changes in your body’s centre of gravity and reflects them like an echo. These continuous movement stimuli are transmitted as information to the brain, where they are integrated into the network structure via various hierarchical data channels. These networks are automatically activated as you sit, thus further increasing your performance.

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