BIOSWING Training systems

The BIOSWING BalanceCoach iQ

Since 1995, BIOSWING Posturomed® has guaranteed effective sensorimotor injury prevention and training. We shall be marking the 25-year anniversary by providing the Posturomed® a virtual trainer: the BIOSWING BalanceCoach iQ!

The BIOSWING BalanceCoach iQ is a software-controlled, intelligent training system with integrated virtual trainer.

The movement quality of the Posturomed® user is monitored by a special pressure sensor system on the training platform and visualised in real time as a centre of pressure (COP). The system includes a camera so that users can watch themselves exercise on a screen, providing them direct visual feedback on their performance. Next to this, users can see their virtual trainer perform the exercises which they copy. Each of these coordination exercises is individually adjusted to suit your performance level, so optimum training exertion is guaranteed.

The BalanceCoach iQ is thus the perfect coordination trainer for your health and wellness, prevention, sport and fitness facility.

The training menu is controlled by easy-to-use buttons on the standing platform. No external control is required.

Your customer can thus train on the BIOSWING BalanceCoach iQ completely independently.

The virtual trainer

Initially, a balance test is carried out to determine the individual performance level of the user.

The virtual trainer guides the user through the test. The test procedure is fully automated and requires absolutely no explanations from the staff. After this initial 20-second test and the display of the results, the software selects the individual exercises and training begins. It is, however, possible to select individual training exercises manually at any time.

The self-explanatory exercise preview

Each exercise begins with a preview in which the virtual trainer demonstrates the exercise so the practitioner can prepare for the upcoming exercise.

The diverse exercise program for all target groups

The virtual trainer demonstrates the exercises and provides the user with direct visual feedback. The software offers over 20 different exercises that are individually selected for the practitioner in their order and the level of difficulty.

The components

The system is delivered fully assembled and can be installed quickly and easily. The pressure distribution measuring platform is placed on the pre-assembled Posturomed® 202 and connected to the stand

Video on installing the BIOSWING BalanceCoach i

Video on getting startet the BIOSWING BalanceCoach iQ

Stable, non-tilting and elegant stand

The stand can be used to position the screen at eye level and houses the camera and the PC in an elegant casing.

Highly sensitive and resilient pressure measuring platform

The zebris® FDM pressure distribution measuring platform is specifically adjusted to suit the Posturomed® 202. The platform is precisely placed on the training surface of the Posturomed® 202. This means that the system can easily be retrofitted to any Posturomed® 202. The measuring platform is clearly divided into the central exercise area and the navigation area on the right and left.

Perfect for your health and wellness, prevention, sport and fitness facility:

Improved neuromuscular coordination at any age.
Stabilisation of joints and spine.
Valuable basic training for the entire musculoskeletal system.
Support of individual performance levels at work and in sports and leisure.
Injury and fall prevention.